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100 School Principals, 10 States, Countless Stories of Impact

About Principal connect

Welcome to Principal Connect, a transformative project that aims to spotlight the incredible journey and achievements of school principals from across 10 different states. We invite you to join us on this inspiring educational odyssey as we capture the wisdom, passion, and dedication of these unsung heroes.


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Project Goals

Project Goals

Our mission is simple: to showcase the lives, inspirations, and extraordinary impacts of school principals who have dedicated themselves to the field of education. We believe their stories can motivate and uplift, inspiring a new generation of educators and administrators.


The Power of 100 Principals

We’re interviewing 100 remarkable school principals, each representing a unique narrative and a distinct perspective on education. These interviews will offer insights into the challenges and triumphs of educational leadership.


Online Interviews

Our interviews will take place via Google Meet, offering an opportunity for these principals to share their journey with the world from the comfort of their schools or homes.


Impact of the Book

The stories and wisdom shared in “Principal Connect” will serve as a valuable resource for educators, parents, and policymakers, helping to drive positive change and innovation in the education sector.


Why Participate

We are intelligence in action.

Why Participate?

As a school principal, your journey, experiences, and insights are invaluable. Your participation in "Principal Connect" will allow you to inspire others, share your vision, and connect with a broader audience passionate about education.

Who Should Participate

We invite school principals from across the nation to participate in this project. Whether you lead a small elementary school or a large high school, your story is essential.


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