RoboChamps Makes History: World Book of Records for Teaching Coding on an Online Platform

RoboChamps, the acclaimed Robotics Academy for the Young Mind, is setting a new standard for innovation and education in a world where robotics-inspired films like Chappie, Big Hero 6, and Wall-E have not only entertained but also aroused our love with technology. RoboChamps has organised the largest Robotics Classroom in Panchkula, demonstrating its commitment to cultivating young talents and upskilling their abilities. This historic event, named “United India For Robotics,” was held at the Inderdhanush Auditorium in Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana, and was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Join us as we go into the specifics of this historic achievement, which solidifies RoboChamps’ position as the greatest robotic lab for schools and the best coding lab for students.

RoboChamps, noted for its passion to influencing the future of young roboticians, broke records by hosting the world’s largest Robotics Classroom. This event was nothing short of historic, with over 1200 children from the Tricity region participating. Each student who participated in this exceptional meeting received a certificate from the Guinness Book Of World Records honouring their contribution to this extraordinary occasion. The presence of the youthful prodigy Kautilya Pandit, also known as the “Google Boy,” added to the excitement.

A Robotics Lesson:
The primary goal of this massive event was to provide important knowledge and assistance to children in the fields of technology and mathematics through robotics. RoboChamps is a firm believer in the “Doing is Believing Principle,” and this event proved that. Students have the rare opportunity to participate in hands-on practise, building living robots and learning about the exciting world of robotics.

Building the Foundation:
In addition to practical skills, the event focused on reinforcing the foundation of robotics by teaching students scientific and mathematical ideas. These courses are the foundation of robotics, and by teaching this knowledge early on, RoboChamps is cultivating the world’s future innovators and problem solvers.

Distinguished Guests:
The occasion was graced by distinguished persons who recognise the importance of robotics in education. The Chief Guest was Madhu Chitkara, Vice Chancellor of Chitkara University, and distinguished visitors were Parmod Kumar, State Programme Officer from the Department of School Education, Haryana, and N.K. Verma, Assistant Director. Their participation emphasised the significance of robotics in influencing the brains of young students.

Inspiring the Future:
The Tricity event was not only a celebration of aspiring roboticians, but also a forum for highlighting RoboChamps’ pioneering role in the field of robotics. It sparked the imaginations of the younger generation, developing their ideas and making them a reality. While students left with a sense of success, parents were overjoyed to see their children get significant insights into this intriguing area.

RoboChamps’ world record feat in organising the largest Robotics Classroom demonstrates its dedication to educational quality. RoboChamps continues to inspire and mould the future of young minds as the finest robotic lab for schools and the best coding lab for schools, instilling in them the knowledge, skills, and passion required to lead the way in the field of robotics and technology. This historic occasion represents a huge step forward in the process of developing a generation of innovators who will define our future.

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