Rehana Rohan Timble: A Young Prodigy Shaping the Future with Robotics and Coding

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In the gorgeous Indian state of Goa, a youthful mind is rewriting the story of what is possible at such a young age. Meet Rehana Rohan Kamat Timble, a remarkable 13-year-old with an intense interest in technology. Rehana has emerged as a bright example of what young minds can achieve when given the correct opportunities in a society where learning and innovation have no age boundaries. Let us have a look at her remarkable path of discovery, learning, and creativity with RoboChamps, the greatest robotic lab for schools.

A Quest for New abilities: At the age of 11, amid the worldwide lockdown, Rehana Rohan Timble set out on a mission to learn new abilities. She delved into study to explore new pathways of learning, driven by curiosity and a quest for information. During her exploration, she discovered the fascinating worlds of coding and robots.

A Learning Oasis: RoboChamps
RoboChamps was Rehana’s guiding star in her drive to learn and excel at coding and robots. RoboChamps, known as the premier robotic lab for schools, became Rehana’s nurturing ground. Rehana mastered not only the foundations of robotics but also the practical skills required to make her ideas into reality through RoboChamps’ robotics classes.

Transforming Ideas into Innovation: Rehana’s adventure with RoboChamps yielded a series of outstanding achievements, each monument to her passion and brilliance. Three projects she worked on stand out as remarkable instances of her inventiveness:

  1. Hand Sanitizer Automatic: In a globe coping with the COVID-19 pandemic’s issues, Rehana’s automatic hand sanitizer dispenser emerged as a solution that was not only inventive but also critical for public health. Her project demonstrated the convergence of technology and social responsibility.
  2. Automation System for the Home: Rehana’s second noteworthy project is a home automation system that can be managed from 30-50 metres away. This creative approach adds convenience and efficiency to daily living, demonstrating her ability to provide solutions that simplify our routines.
  3. Bluetooth Controlled Vehicle: In a technologically driven society, Rehana’s Bluetooth controlled automobile project demonstrates her robotics skills. This project not only demonstrates her abilities to design and manufacture robots, but it also displays her vision for a technologically driven future.

Meeting Real-World Needs: Rehana’s projects were more than simply about learning new skills; they were also about addressing real-world problems. Her inventions appeared at a time when technology’s role in simplifying and enriching our lives was more visible than ever. Rehana proved her commitment to making a positive difference in her neighbourhood and the world via each of her efforts.

Rehana Rohan Timble’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, curiosity, and access to the greatest tools, such as the best coding lab for schools and the best AI lab for schools, such as RoboChamps. Rehana, who is only 13 years old, has demonstrated that age is no barrier to invention and that with the correct supervision and resources, young brains can design a brighter, more technologically advanced future. We eagerly anticipate the tremendous contributions she will make to the realm of robots and coding as she continues to explore and broaden her horizons.

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